PRICE LIST (Russian-Slovak only)
(translation, interpreting, guide,
on-line Russian courses)
Translation from Slovak to Russian 9 - 12 EUR /standard page
(0,05 EUR /word)
Translation from Russian to Slovak 9 - 12 EUR /standard page
(0,05 EUR /word)
Proofreading of translated text of a standard page 6,50 EUR /standard page
(0,03 EUR /word)
Certified translation Slovak <=> Russian
in accordance with Decree no. 491/2004 of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic
19,92 EUR / page
+ extra charges
Interpreting Russian <=> Slovak 25,- EUR / hour
A fixed fee for a day of interpreting 166,- EUR / day (8 hours)
Guide services for Russian-speaking clients 100,- EUR / day (8 hours)
Russian language lessons with a native speaker (individual) 10,- EUR / hour
Russian language lessons with a native speaker (individual) negotiated price
On-line Russian language individual lessons/courses with a native speaker (SKYPE, VIBER, MESSENGER ..) 10,- EUR / lesson

Price list notes

SP = standard page 30 lines of 60 characters per line
A standard page contains 1800 characters (all visible printed characters and each space between words) 1800 characters (all visible printing characters and each space between words)
(A standard page contains app. 250 words)
Delivery time Standard time is - 5 standard pages per one working day.
Date of receipt of the order and the day of delivery of the translation is not included.
1 lesson 60 min.
Additional expenses are not included in the fee for interpreting or guide services (for example downtime, travel to place of work and back, living expenses).